How can your teams do better?

Behavioural metrics and insights on your teams, delivered every quarter.

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Know how your team really feels

Every quarter, TeamGraph chooses and sends 30 personalised questions to every team or group member.

Reveal underlying issues that matter

Powerful analytics across 30 engagement KPIs that quickly reveals what matters to your teams and where to focus your energy.

Improve productivity & growth

TeamGraph helps you improve your team performance by pairing every identified issue with expert advice and recommendations.

Improve Employee Retention, Job Satisfaction & Team Performance


Add your employees

Sign up and upload your employees’ email addresses. Create groups and teams.


smart adaptive survey

Employees receive a 30 question adaptive and personalised survey that smartly drills down on key issues.


insights & analytics

You get a secure dashboard with insights on 30 key influencers of your workplace performance with recommendations.

Dashboard - lead indicators of your team's performance

Data: Collected & Analyzed to give you the best insights to act on.

Comprehensive Data

Quantified metrics on every crucial aspect of your organizational health, so you can measure, track, and improve all dimensions of your workplace.

Actionable Reporting

Insights and interpretations that facilitate change. Reports are designed to optimally support you in creating and implementing the right HR initiatives.

Semantic Profiling

Topic mining and sentiment analysis on open ended textual responses gives you a quick and summary view of all that your employees want to tell you.

Predictive Analytics

Proactively tackle nascent issues before they crop up. Use indicative patterns to identify and counteract unfavorable outcomes before they happen.

Fully automated and always available

So you can focus more on solutions and less on overhead

Quick SetupUpload employee email addresses, and you’re done. Create upto 100 groups and teams to view disaggregated reports for comparative analysis.

Smart Survey30 questions, dynamic and personalised. The second question depends on the answer to the first one enabling deep drill down of issues.

Time seriesTrack your workplace KPIs over time to understand ROI of your workplace initiatives with in-built automated time series analysis.

Zero LogisticsNo survey creation, no manual analysis, and smart reminders improve response rates. You just act on the insights.


Productive Engagement
Ownership and Initiative
Employee Satisfaction
Conducive Workplace Culture
Commitment and Involvement
Employee Enablement

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