Improve Team Performance with TeamGraph

Economic and simple

One Time Analysis


Upto 50 teams and 500 employees

  • + 30 Engagement KPIs with reports on each team or group
  • + Analyst assistance for team creation and getting started
  • + Analyst assistance to interpret results and identify 5 suitable action points
  • + Action points are identfied based on urgency, impact and the effort required for intervention
  • + Consolidated presentation with summarized results and actionables



More than 50 teams and 500 employees

  • + Everything in Workplace
  • + Integrate with other data sources for advanced retention, diversity and culture analytics
  • + White labelling

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with TeamGraph?

TeamGraph is fully automated. The only input required from you is employee details; names and email addresses, and in order to view insights by team/demographics, the appropriate employee characteristics. You can either upload this as a csv file, once at the start, or link your account with the HRMS you use, to automatically sync. That’s it.

How do you make sure employees respond to surveys?

Our questionnaires are adaptive and evolve with time for every responder, to ask them the questions most relevant to them. This keeps employees engaged and invested while filling surveys. The responsibility to announce TeamGraph and encourage employees to open the survey link from their email and start filling, lies with you, the company.

How are recommendations generated in my dashboard?

Each of the 6 reports in your dashboard is on a core aspect of your workplace, represented by 2 metrics that you want to work towards improving, and correlated with 3 other metrics that influence that outcome. These patterns of correlation computed by TeamGraph probabilistically determine which factors influence which outcomes in your workplace, and so identify the best course of action in terms of which influencers to focus your initiatives on to achieve which outcome, for your priorities.

How long does it take for me to measure improvements in workplace dynamics?

TeamGraph covers 6 core topics of workplace dynamics everytime its run. In the next quarter, you can track how these aspects have changed since the last time it was measured 3 months earlier. Within one week after you deploy initially, you’ll get scores and recommendations on the core aspects of your workplace. Effectiveness of changes you make in your organization to improve would reflect in the update on these areas, during the next cycle 3 months hence i.e if you chose to implement TeamGraph every 3 months.

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